Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

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If the service address is in the Sashmill or Tannery Suites we can provide service without question. DSL service will require an AT&T landline before we can check for any provisioning opportunities. Our wireless services require a line of site to one of our tower locations. Please call our support staff at (831)460-2000 for more information.

Accessed using our client portal., and emails require a call in to our support team at (831) 460-2000 option 1. Our support team can assist with resetting passwords as well as address any other questions or concerns you may have.

The website control panel can be viewed by going to if
you have already established hosting service with us, if it is not, please call support to get
access to a different URL to use.

A simple email to or to will let us know if you wish to have your services terminated. In the email, please include a date that you wish to have the services end.

Most of our services are month to month services. The exceptions being colocation and other custom services that require specific setups to be maintained.

If your email address ends with (,, or please contact our support staff. If your email address belongs to your domain you may access all email options including auto replies and forwarding from your websites control panel. If you have any difficulties or are unaware of how to access the control panel. More information about accessing your hosting control panel can be found here.

If you are receiving a lot of spam, we recommend forwarding it to This will help train our spam filters and firewalls to detect and block new forms of spam. If you are receiving large amounts of bounce back messages from failed emails, it is possible your email account has been compromised and we advise immediate contact with the support staff. You can reach us at 831-460-2000 option 1.