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Our private cloud is a secure and reliable solution for your email needs. Our interface allows you to easily manage your email, contacts, and calendar. Order now or contact our sales team today at or 831.460.2000.

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Email Service Features

Fast and Lightweight Webmail

Our Private Email plans offer a streamlined webmail interface, allowing easy access to your email, contacts, and calendar wherever you are. All email accounts have spam filtering and custom email address options.

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Exceptional Customer Support

At Got.Net, we prioritize providing exceptional customer support. Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to assist you through our ticket system and live chat.

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Should you require further assistance, our support team is available via email.

What is the webmail interface used for Private Email?

Our Private Email plans have a quick and easy webmail interface. You can easily access and control your email, contacts, and calendar from any device or place.

Can I forward emails from an email alias to another email address?

Yes, you can set up email aliases to forward incoming messages to an existing email box or an external email address. This provides flexibility in managing your email communication.

How does Smartmail protect my personal information?

Smartmail uses cloud-based encryption and stringent security measures to protect your personal information.

Can I personalize the subject lines in email message?

Absolutely, Smartmail allows you to customize subject lines for effective communication.

How does Smartmail enhance the customer experience?

Smartmail’s user-friendly interface and advanced features ensure a seamless and efficient customer experience.

Does Smartmail provide a feature for the storage and management of phone numbers?

Yes, Smartmail provides features to efficiently store and manage your contacts, including phone numbers.

Where is the email data located or housed?

Smartmail securely stores your emails in our advanced cloud storage system.

Can I integrate third-party products or services with my Smartmail account?

Our system integrates seamlessly with a variety of products and services.

Does Smartmail offer a knowledge base for user assistance?

Yes, Smartmail provides a comprehensive knowledge base to assist users with common queries and challenges.

How does Smartmail manage IP addresses for email security?

Smartmail employs sophisticated protocols to handle IP addresses, ensuring the security of every email.

What features does the Smartmail business package include?

The Smartmail business package offers features like cloud storage, advanced spam filtering, and the capability to send and receive emails effortlessly.

Can multiple team members collaborate using a single Smartmail account?

With the right permissions, Smartmail allows multiple team members to collaborate and manage a shared account.

In Conclusion

Our Private Email plans include anti-virus and spam protection. You get a personalized email address that matches your company’s domain name. This improves your professional image and keeps your emails safe.

With cloud-based storage and easy access from any web browser, managing your communications has never been more seamless. At, we prioritize your communication needs, ensuring every interaction is both efficient and secure.